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Name that Kitchen Quality

The question is often asked, “How can you determine the quality level of a kitchen?” The kitchen in particular is one of the rooms that has seen the greatest evolution in the home. No longer are kitchens strictly utilitarian workrooms; now they are multi-purpose entertainment zones. They have become an extension of other rooms, eliminating [...]

RCT vs. CE Multi-Family Handling

While the Residential Component Technology (RCT) and the Commercial Express (CE) both offer users the ability to enter four family building structures, there are some fundamental differences between a tool designed for Residential construction and one designed for Commercial construction. Generally, we would state that structures with more than four families would be considered commercial property […]

House Styles

The term house style is actually referring to the architectural style of a residence.  It’s a way of categorizing a house according to its; historic period, structure, appearance and the materials of which it is built.  Because it has to do with architecture, style is more of an art than a science.  As such, it [...]

Is it a solar panel or photovoltaic?

The term Solar Panel is often used in a generic way to describe both types of panels designed to heat water and for creating electric current. The two are definitely not the same. Electric producing panels, or Photovoltaic, are much more expensive. The solar panels found in the RCT’s Plumbing Section are referring to solar [...]

Creating Buildings with Multi-Level Basements

This topic comes up more often than I ever thought it would. I teach a Commercial class and someone asks about how to account for a building that not only has a basement but has a basement that is more than one level. Here is how you can account for it in Commercial Express. Let’s [...]

Basement Garages and Finished Basements

One question I get with some regularity is this:  I am valuing a home that has a basement garage but the rest of the basement is finished.  How do I enter that in RCT.  The garage and the basement have to be handled separately.  To keep things simple, let’s assume that you have a 1,000 [...]

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